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Welcome to my website.  I am a composer who composes for concert band and marching band.  I also serve as an educator myself.  Through my 19 years of experiences with bands across Texas I know what it takes to write effective and fun music for young men and women to enjoy.

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My Story

I grew up as an early musician.  My first instrument was the violin until I was able to play trumpet when I returned state side from my dads military deployment in Panama.  I went to high school in Long Beach, Mississippi.  I knew the true value of hard work when my band directors in middle school and high school were the only guys to teach EVERYTHING!  

As I began my career, I was faced with several challenges and scenarios in each school district I taught for.  There are tons of concert literature pieces out on the market, but what makes my pieces unique is I still teach in the band hall and compose.  My knowledge of what the current needs are in the classroom/band halls are reflected in each piece I write.

In closing I hope you take time to find a piece that is right for your band.  I pride myself in being an ATSSB Head Band Director, but I also still find time to write for groups who desperately need a piece written for them. 


If you need a custom concert band or marching band piece please reach out to me via email!

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