when I moved to Texas in 2003, I bought a Siberian Husky from the Willowbrook Mall in Houston.a He instantly became my bachelor dog and mans best friend.a Eventually in 2012, he passed away in our backyard.a It took me awhile to want another dog again, but I eventually went up to north Texas to buy a Siberian Husky from a breeder.a Little did I know he would not last very long.a About 10 months later, before my wife and son left for a Disney cruise, we decided the husky needed some training, because he was very destructive.a The trainer took him in and we left for our cruise.a During my cruise I received a phone call that my husky passed away.a I will be forever greatful for the two huskies that I owned.a This piece is playful like my former dogs and it also has its solemn and sad moments towards the end as I reflect on my dogs lives in the backyard.a Enjoy Angels in the Sky!

Angels In The Sky- Grade 2 1/2