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in January of 2019 I ran a 10K from Port Isabel to Louis Backyard on South Padre Island.  As I started the race I was ran through back roads until I came across the Queen Isabel Memorial Bridge.  The bridge goes from Port Isabel to South Padre.  The view that morning was beautiful!  The sun was rising as I was running across the bridge and the bridge goes from low to high and then back down to the island.  This song starts off slow as the sun rises, and as I ran the race, the music gets faster.  The music slows down as I stop to drink some water and then picks back up to the finish.  This song starts in ¾ time, moves to 4/4, back to ¾ and back to 4/4.  This will give your students multiple opportunities at time signatures, different ostinato rhythms, and dynamic levels.  Always strive for your best sound and balance to make this selection work. 

Sunrise On South Padre-Grade 2.5

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