it is 11:55 p.m., you are at the ball room party hunting the princess that holds the key to your heart. Time is running out; you must quickly navigate through everyone in the party to find the princess. During the search you dance along with the other invited guests, even you take a solo dance in front of the crowd. This prompts the princess to reunite with you before the dramatic ending at midnight. This piece is set in G Minor and the time signature is 2/4 time. Pay close attention to the accented details in this piece. Castanets play a big role in the style of this piece. Make sure all lyrical sections have the dynamic contrast that I have written. Be careful with upbeat rhythms that are found throughout this piece particularly at measure 79. You will want to slow the metronome down, maybe even adding a fake beat on one to help students understand the off-beat rhythm. There is also an optional trumpet or tenor saxophone solo to partake in! I hope you enjoy my new piece The Masked March

The Masked March- Grade 2 1/2