imagine walking through the grave yard at night, as you peak around the tree you see 3 skeletons rising from the grave. They seem joyful as there are no humans around, lucky for you they do not spot you off in the distance. Watch and listen as the skeletons do a nightly dance while the darkness is set around them. The piece is set in Concert C minor and 4/4 time signature. The skeleton dance starts in the beginning with the low brass and low reeds, pay close attention to make sure the students do not play the staccatos so short it loses the tone of each note. Also the wood block is a skeleton who dances, you will need a percussionist who can really keep time with the conductor. There are many opportunities for shaping in the woodwinds with phrases and slurs. Next, there are plenty of percussion parts to go around, dont be afraid to double parts! Lastly, make sure there is attention to details when it comes to the difference between staccatos and accents. It will really make this piece stand out if you do these little details! Enjoy my new piece Dancing Skeletons!

Dancing Skeletons- Grade 2